About Us

about sitesimon

At the most fundamental level, sitesimon exists to help you discover the web through sharing. sitesimon gives users the ability to share what they are looking at online, in real-time. We aim to create a community where, by interacting with other users, you can experience the web in a new way.

sitesimon is...fun because you can peek at what your friends are looking at...social because you can meet people who share your interests...informative because you can learn things you would never think to explore. With sitesimon, you will begin to discover the web around you.

While on sitesimon.com, you have access to a world of information. Interact and engage with your friends and make new ones as you browse profiles, clickstreams, and recommended sites. Or if sharing what you’re looking at is a little too much for you, simply keep track of your own clickstream anywhere, anytime.

In order to share and recommend sites, users must download the sitesimon plug-in. You can set plug-in for auto or manual tracking so that you only share what you want to share!

sitesimon is fun and free, so try it out and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!!!

the team

Demetri is a foreign policy buff and ping-pong fanatic. He has a serious addiction to international travel, and, as you can see from his sitesimon profile, spends most nights planning fantasy vacations. He finished school at NYU’s Stern School of Business in January 2010.

Paul is a musician and web-browsing enthusiast. He wastes most of his time discovering new music on YouTube, watching James Bond, and playing guitar. Paul graduated from NYU Stern in 2010 where he was actively involved with the Entrepreneurial Exchange Group. Check out his sitesimon profile!

Steve is a pop-culture junkie and avid news reader. When he’s not beating Demetri in ping-pong, he’s sharing new links with his friends, quoting Curb Your Enthusiasm, or out enjoying life in New York City. He graduated NYU Stern in 2010 and loves discovering new sites from sitesimon users! sitesimon says check out his profile!