Frequently asked questions

What is sitesimon?
sitesimon is an online community that allows you to share your web clickstream in real-time. To read more, click here.
Why is sitesimon so amazing?
With sitesimon, you can track and share your clickstream, discover new sites by seeing what others are looking at, make new friends, and interact with old ones.
Why do I have to get an add-on?
While we wish that we could help you share your clickstream without any installations, the only way we can do so in real-time is through the use of an add-on. A add-on enhances your browser’s capabilities and is the "brain" of sitesimon. The add-on is really easy to install and customizable, just click here!
Where did the name sitesimon come from?
sitesimon, pronounced "site simon" is a word play off the saying: "sites i'm on."
How does sitesimon work?
The sitesimon add-on records the URL of the tab you are viewing, relays it back to our secure server, and posts it to your profile page. All this happens in real-time. The plugin allows sitesimon to post your clickstream even if you don’t have open!
I don't want everyone to be able to see my web history, can I still use sitesimon?
Of course! We want everybody to be able to use sitesimon, even if sharing what you’re looking at is a little creepy for you. With our privacy settings, you can choose to share with everyone, only your friends, or only yourself. Our sincere hope is that the more you use and become with familiar with our features, you will feel comfortable sharing on your own terms. Remember, the more you share, the more value you get out of sitesimon!
How can I delete a browsing post?
You can easily delete any history item simply by clicking on the small “x” in the top right corner of the post. You can use the same method to delete comments you have posted and comments others have left on your posts.
I love sitesimon and I have some cool ideas, how can I let you guys know?
We constantly think about how to make sitesimon better, but there is no way we can think of everything! Your input will help make sitesimon better and better. Send us feedback here.
What's coming next?
sitesimon is still a baby. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out new features such as... well, you'll just have to wait and see! As always, click here to give us feedback.
How can I adjust my account settings?
You can control all your account settings, from privacy to personal information, on the my account page.
How can I add friends?
sitesimon makes it easy to connect with friends. Simply click on "add friends" on the top right of the page and search by name, username, or location and start adding friends.
What does it mean to "favorite" and "site" pages? What’s the difference?
There are several ways to highlight websites on sitesimon. You can "favorite" a top-line URL. For example, you can favorite a hot new band's website or the most reliable news site. You can also "site" a specific page within the top-line URL. This lets you share interesting articles, posts, or anything else you want to show your friends without endorsing a domain as a whole!
What are sitesimon's privacy standards?
sitesimon is all about sharing, but we realize people may have concerns about who can see their history. As such, we take privacy very seriously. Check out our privacy page here.
How do I delete my account?
Oh no! Please reconsider. You don't want to break our hearts, do you?! But seriously, if you feel that sitesimon is not for you, we’ve made it easy to delete your account. Simply go to the bottom of the "account" page and click "cancel account." Hopefully we’ll see you back on sitesimon some day soon though.

Need more help using sitesimon? Read our plugin tutorial