At sitesimon, we're committed to making sharing fun and simple - because the more we share, the more we discover about our friends, ourselves, and our world. Still, we want everyone to enjoy sitesimon within their own comfort zone. That's why our privacy settings are easy-to-understand and enable our users to share at the level with which they feel comfortable.

  1. General settings

    On sitesimon, there are three general sharing settings: share with everyone, share only with friends, or share with no one. That's it. Hey, we said it was easy!

  2. Share automatically or manually

    You can set the plug-in to share what you're looking at automatically or manually. If you're the "set it and forget it" type, just choose to share automatically once your browser opens, and let sitesimon take care of the rest. However, if you only want to share specific sites, you can turn your sharing to manual, and every time you visit a site you want to share, just click share on the plug-in.

  3. Secure sites

    By default, sitesimon doesn't share sites that are secure, unless you specifically make exceptions for them. These are URLs that have "https" at the beginning. While it is safe to share what you're looking at on sitesimon, we only want users to share a secure site consciously. You can share these sites either by adding them to your "Always Allow" list or by manually clicking the share button on the plug-in.

  4. "Always Allow" Feature

    While secure sites aren't shared by default, users can still share them by making exceptions. Simply visit a secure site you wish to share and use the plug-in option "Always Allow" to make an exception for the site. Please note that exceptions are made for the entire domain (e.g. and, not just the web-page you are looking at (e.g.

  5. "Always Block" Feature

    Sometimes there are certain sites (perhaps for those, ahem, unmentionable moments) that we just don't want others to know we're looking at. We understand, we've been there too. You can create exceptions for sites that are shared by default. You can "Always Block" sites two ways. First, once you're on a page that you no longer want to share, use the menu-option "Always Block" on the plug-in to no longer share the site. Second, you can block a site before even going there by visiting your account page and adding the domain to your "Always Block" list. Please note that any exceptions are made for the entire domain (e.g. and, not just the web-page you are looking at (e.g.